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Motels Email Addresses

Marketers who wish to promote their business in motels industry can benefit with our Motels Email Addresses. Our data research professionals worked hard to build the most targeted mailing lists for our business prospects that have helped them to generate better sales leads and improve conversions.

3,514 Email Contacts

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  • C-Level, Manger, VP, Directors, etc.
  • Opt-in Email Database
  • Accurate, telephone-verified Data
  • Target by state, city, specialty & more!
  • USPS-Verified Mailing Lists
Mailing List Based on Categories
5,685 - Hospitality Email List
9,875 - Inn Mailing Addresses
3,580 - Lodges Mailing List
69,245 - Restaurant Mailing List
2,750 - Catering Firms Mailing Lists
71,368 - Hotel Mailing Lists
6,125 - Resorts Mailing List

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Year Established


Business Turnover


Job Functions/Role


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